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Welcome to the
We're MoonGang. A collection of 5,000 moonfaring crypto futurists, taking off right here on the Ethereum blockchain. 
Day One Utility
We launched with IRL access and NFT giveaways.  Like NFL and NBA tickets, allowlists to projects from Kevin Hart to Boring Stone, and NFT giveaways from our friends at Parallel, Kanpai Pandas and other top projects.
Our Evolution
As the market evolves, we're working on access and giveaways for  memberships to major sports franchises, record labels and more, while exploring cc0, the metaverse, gaming, blockchain expansion and other opportunities to benefit the gang.
Join the Discord to keep up with the latest.
Join us! Get on Opensea, and get a Moongang.


How do I get one?

Jump on Opensea and you can purchase one there.  Here's the link.

How much were they sold for?

Each Moongang was sold for 0.05 ETH in the primary sale + gas costs.

What are the most rare traits?

Aliens, Robots, Crowns and Headphones.

Do I actually own it?

Yes, the token owner has commercial usage rights to their Moongang.

Who created Moongang?

Moongang was created by the team at, a leading Web3 membership SaaS platform.  It was then opened up to add contributors from the community.

How do I get in touch with you?

Hop in the Discord and ask an admin.

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